Nov 01, 2018
Nasi Jinggo

Feeling peckish and having the urge to snack on something light? Nasi Jinggo is just the perfect answer to your appetite.


Wrapped in a fragrant banana leaf or two, Nasi Jinggo is a small portion of rice cooked with bits of sweet potatoes. There’s usually a side of small bites of chicken chunks or small sized tilapia fish (mujair) in Balinese spices. On the side there are also sambal matah, serundeng (shredded coconut), sometimes a piece of fried tempeh or a pinch of fried noodle. The best part of this deliciousness? It’s normally sold at a relatively cheap price, just IDR 5.000 per portion!


There are many versions of the history behind Nasi Jinggo. Some say the name was derived from the Hokkien term “ Jinggo”, which means IDR 1.500 or the price of the meal back then. Other say that the rice was often sold on the roadside and purchased by rebel bikers who roamed the night street aka “jagoan”. Then there’s also another version saying that Nasi Jinggo originated in the early 80’s made popular by a couple of sellers at Pasar Kumbasari, a 24 hour market at the time.


Whatever the real version may be, we know one thing for sure. It’s that Nasi Jinggo is totally delicious, a signature traditional Balinese dish that one should not miss when in the island. Buy one for yourself, or a few to last as the perfect cure for hunger.


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