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Dec 30, 2020    |   By Adi
My (Im)Perfect Everything
courtesy of Scott & Krystal

It’s hard to look at Scott and Krystal and not see them as this super perfect couple. He, a dashing tall man with a sparkling white smile and clean cut look about him. And she, a life-size doe-eyed beauty with flowing blonde hair standing at perfect height and figure. From all angles, Scott and Krystal are the Ken and Barbie of everyone’s envy, there’s little doubt about it.


Truth be told, it is very easy to mistaken couples as this stunning and flawless people who have nothing but rainbows and pretty colors in their life. But if we have learned anything from our couples over the years, we’d know that it’s far from the truth.


We know that for Scott and Krystal, what makes them special is not the fact that they look and seem perfect. Beneath their polished faces, long white gown and dapper suit, they are made of millions of little stories, each one unique and personal to them both. The journey of their coming together consists of the bad, the ugly and the imperfect everything.


The story of Scott and Krystal lies beyond just appearances, because they are also made of the love of the people who surround them. They are shaped by the affection of their family, friends, and most importantly, one another. That is how we see all couples, and that too is how we see Scott and Krystal.


For that reason, we really hope that this collection of wedding photography serves a purpose that lives above just physical beauty. A great wedding photography should encapsulate our couple at their best forms, but also highlight the things that made them as the unique and warm individuals they both are.


So as they set into their seats in this fabulous pinterest-style venue, surrounded by glittering lights and stylish wedding decorations, looking happy and content as the evening came to an end, let’s remember Scott and Krystal as the truly imperfect perfection we’ve seen in a while. May they both continue to stay in love, through the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.


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