Mar 20, 2018
Meet The Photographers!
Andreas Permadi @jonihobiholiday // Donny Wu @donnywg // William Liwandouw @williamliee

A famous photographer once said :


“Photography is not about the cameras, gadgets, and gizmos. Photography is about the photographers.”


Much like a typewriter to a writer, a photographer’s skills are not measured by the gears he or she carries- but rather, the ability to tell stories through stills or captured motions. A great picture does not just contain visual enjoyment or mere technical perspectives, but it speaks through each fibre of woven colors and vivid emotions. And some of the best photographers are themselves, the greatest storytellers and puppeteers combined.


Here at Axioo Bali, we too are blessed and honored to have with us our own storytellers who make the best team of wedding photographers. They are the eccentric Adi, the spirited William and the exuberant Dony - these formidable trio is the reason why Axioo Bali continues to thrive in our paradise island of Bali.


They all hail from different parts of the country and to be honest, share more differences in traits than similarities. But put them together in the same room and immediately one can see, there’s the invisible red thread that unites them despite all the quirky, crazy, and silly personalities. Ultimately, they are all joined by the same passion in photography and work ethics that are the embodiment of Axioo family.


Life at Axioo Bali is very much like the island itself : relaxed, fun, and enjoyable. Through this video, we hope to share with you a glimpse of our family - especially from our photographers who really are the backbones of our beloved photography service. We’d love for you to get to know us and encourage you to approach us at anytime, just to say hello or even inquire further.


So without further ado, please enjoy the video snippet above.


Happy watching, guys!


Axioo .


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