Axioo: Robb Susanto
Mar 28, 2019    |   By Robb
Match Made In Love

courtesy of Norman & Felisa

In the quest of the one, we will love many times. But in the end, we’ll truly match with just one.


You probably have heard too many stories of people who love but don’t necessarily end up together. But then again, some people are the greatest matches, but lack love that can sustain them. In the end, we think that it really takes two to tango, which is both of the above.


For couples who strike the balance of both, it’s really the work of cosmic energy and human efforts all perfectly put together. In the making of a couple for a lifetime, a lot of their personalities must meet and match. The desire to persevere when times get tough, the urge to share in times in happiness. The timing must work just right, putting two souls together - not just for the sake of being at the moment, but also in the preparation of togetherness for life.


It’s really not just about match made in heaven, but in all kinds of timing and situation. So let’s call it, a match made in love. Because what is made in love, let it grow and prosper only in love, for now and always.


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