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Dec 17, 2019    |   By Donny
Love Without Pre-tense
courtesy of Alex & Cleo

We’re all familiar with the dating game, right? It is the process of getting to know and learn about each others’ interests, quirks and personalities. It normally involves a lot of phone calls or texts exchange, meet-ups arranged, witty banters and more. Just the thought of it may even induce a wide smile across the faces.


The concept of dating has existed since early modern days and by the looks of it, will continue to persist well into the digital age. For as long as we know, it’s more or less the standard procedure in finding love. And whether you like it or not, you’d have to agree that the idea of dating is fun and exciting.


As interesting as it is, this dance between two strangers can also be unpredictable while full of prospects. It’s a masquerade where there’s no definite sets or rules and a certain strategy sometimes may also be applied. When all bets are off, dating - in a way- can also be tiring and confusing.


Still, in any dance, there comes a time when the song ends and you’ll find yourselves at two possibilities. One, you either walk out on your partner or two, you’re ready for the next ones. Surprisingly, the more you pair with someone who you’re compatible with, the less difficult it will become.


As you twist and turn, you’ll uncover the wonder of that special someone, one at a time. Slowly but surely, their layers and shields come undone, until nothing is left but their most raw and natural self. Until all you are met with is their truest identity, stripped out of pretense and guise.


At the end of it, dating is an art of finding love and the reward can be truly beautiful. So if you’re in the middle of the dance or even to those who have settled with a partner, keep dancing lovebirds. May your songs forever linger on.


Inspired by our very own unpretentious couple : Alex & Cleo.


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