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Jul 27, 2022    |   By Kris
Love is an Inside Job
Cahya & Engky saying yes

Like many countries, Turkey tourism too had its share of difficult times during Covid restrictions. But this beguiling European destination soon opened its doors, welcoming more and more people in awe of its beauty. An enchanting country only known to few before, now is fast becoming one of the hottest prewedding spots for many reasons.


But today, we’re not here to tell you about the mesmerizing landscape of Istanbul to the Aegean Coast. We’re also not here to urge you to travel to Turkey for your own Cappadocia dream or your romantic hot air balloon ride.


Rather, we just want to remind you that no matter where your prewedding itinerary is, always make it your own. Instead of letting the destination dictate you, direct your own version of photographic memories.


We know you would want your own unique version of a prewedding trip and photoshoot. So even if it’s the trendiest of places or the talk of the buzz, always remember that you deserve something extraordinary that’s totally personal to you. Make it special, see yourselves in a new perspective.


Because while there are 7 billions people in the world, this is the rare time where the world pauses and it belongs to you two only. Just two insiders, no other people are allowed - for now.


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