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Dec 06, 2019    |   By Donny
Love-Filled Moments
courtesy of Tony & Jocelyn

Getting to wake up everyday and doing something you love is a wonderful thing. And when that thing you love is documenting a wedding- which is arguably one of life’s best moments- that feeling of wonders simply doubles.


The wedding scene is changing and evolving everyday, but one thing that remains true is its beauty. We’ve seen halls transformed into magical rooms filled with some of the most beautiful decorations. We’ve witnessed breathtaking venue styling, one that is better than the next. We’ve enjoyed all kinds of flowers, wines, feasts and more.


But above all the tangible things, the greatest thing about capturing moments for couples in union is that indescribable ‘love in the air’ ambiance. The joy is so palpable that it radiates through everyone’s presence. The mood is uplifting, like an accumulation of positivity and peace at the same time.


Chasing those feelings have made us wedding-addicts and we simply can’t get enough. Those love-filled moments are so intoxicatingly good that it’s become our reason to get up every morning and do the best out there for you.


Speaking of awesome love-filled moments, Tony and Jocelynn certainly gave us that kind of vibes all throughout their weddings. From the morning of preparation, to walking down to the iconic Infinity Chapel of Conrad Bali, and all the way to the stunning reception hall. Our couple gave us so many unforgettable moments and we devoured every last second of it.


Congratulations again to this pair of beautiful love birds. Hope you enjoy this collection of moments here!


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