Axioo: Yosep Sugiarto
Oct 12, 2018    |   By Yosep
Lost In Summer Sweetness
courtesy of Ari & Sherly

In weddings, cinematography and photography goes like peanut butter and jelly. They complement one another, and goes as an inseparable package that makes for an unforgettable keepsake of a lifetime.


Like photography in Axioo, we too have a signature style in our motion reels that we’ve come to identify with. And just like in our photography, our team of cinematographers rests at nothing less than perfection. It’s safe to say that we rarely fall into the same of patterns, despite striving to achieve that one signature style every single time.


Looking back at the cinematic result of Ari and Sherly, there’s a mix of emotions that hits us right in the feels. It’s sophisticated, beautiful, moving and highly enjoyable all at the same time- all the key notes that make for a great clip to watch. Compositions, moments, time-lapses, music selection, and other details were amazing. ruly kudos to the team behind this work.


Above all, the biggest credit belongs to our couple, Ari and Sherly. Their chemistry was on-point, their tongue-in-cheek speech was to-die-for ( watch out for Liverpool, Nutella and other pop culture reference), and their brilliant taste in the wedding, second to none. They are just the kind of couple that stirs the creativity in you and made you aim for the best and nothing less.


All in all, this is a reel that you simply have to click and watch to really appreciate. Enjoy!


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