Axioo: Ray Kho
Oct 11, 2019    |   By Ray
Life’s Beautiful Surprise
courtesy of Dong Ik & Tiara

Love doesn’t always rest upon two individuals who have just met each other for the first time — it doesn’t always arrive at the first sight. Love sometimes chooses to seep into the friendships that already exist. It seeps into where trust has been built, where thought patterns and jokes have been shared. It likes to seep into places where connection and chemistry have been developed over time.


Love likes to knock unexpectedly at our door. It comes in at the most unexpected times. In some cases, love can even interrupt two best friends on their journey. All we know is that our best friend could one day become so special to us. Suddenly, our whole world revolves around them and, suddenly, we see everything else so clearly.


Falling in love with our best friend naturally brings us joy, it gives us a sense of safety and of ease. Imagine waking up every morning next to the one whom your soul naturally connects with, the one who makes you smile at the little things, the one who listens to your pain. They’ve been there with you through the highs and lows, in laughter and tears, and you know for sure that they’ll go through that all over again with you.


No one expects to fall in love with their best friend — yet it is one of the most beautiful surprises life could give us.


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