Axioo: Ray Kho
Jun 27, 2019    |   By Ray
Keep the Fire Burning
courtesy of Liam & Julia

Now that you have found the one who sets your heart on fire,


work with all your might, your soul, your mind


to never let the flames go out.


Fire is passion, warmth, and light.


To some, fire is a source of life. Without it, there is little chance of survival.


To the lost, fire acts as a sign that shows the presence of life. People look for it in the midst of a wild, dark, towering forest, in hopes of finding a village nearby.


Fire was so glorious in the eyes of humans that when they first discovered it, they fell to their knees and began to worship it.


Fire is glory, power, and grit.


In a human being, fire inhabits their heart and soul, the parts that are unseen by the naked eye. Fire in one’s heart feels like warmth, looks like endless love and forgiveness. When you find that you can still forgive your loved ones over and over again for their repeated mistakes, you will find that you did not do so in your own strengths. It was the fire inside of you that causes you to have mercy. When you find yourselves doing the things you normally wouldn’t for the ones you love, you will find that it is that fire, again. The fire that burns constantly, the fire that constantly shapes and reshapes the contours of your heart.


In a human soul, fire looks like passion. Like the energy that shoots up your veins whenever you do something that you are completely passionate about. A soul that is set on fire causes one to grow beyond one’s expected capabilities. It stirs up joy, strength, and vulnerability in you that stretches the borders you have set for yourselves, and gifts you with nothing but growth, growth, and more growth. Fire causes your soul to enlarge and move forward.


When two fires become one, there is no telling how big of a difference they can make in their world. When two fires become one, they become a light bright enough for the lost to find their way back home. They become a flame warm enough to radiate into the cold, cold world. So, when two fires become one, they should be very careful to never let those flames come to a halt.


And all those years you’ve spent


fanning your own flames by yourself


were not a waste.


Because, now, you have found the one who is willing


to fuse their fire with yours


and keep it burning together with you.


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