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Jul 25, 2022    |   By Kris
Kaleidoscope of Love: Indian Weddings

Quick, name the type of wedding that is always all-out, colorfully vibrant and infused with centuries-old traditions! I bet Indian weddings are the first that pops up and for good reasons too.


A lot of us grow up with a glimpse of India through the lens of Bollywood flicks. We could all easily think of each scene, so wonderfully festive and exhilarating. It’s more than just grand visuals. We learn that at its core, Indian celebration is a way of cherishing love and relationships.


That essence did not immediately dawn on me. Not until I have the chance to capture real Indian weddings, up close and personal. I’ve had the great pleasure of witnessing firsthand just how much more meaningful the weddings are, through each culture, ritual, dance and more. Through the vibrancy of it, Indian weddings are not just about commemorations, but memory-filled journeys, heart-felt tender moments, and honoring love at its finest.


Words can only say so much, so I hope these collections of modern love stories set in my fabulous Indian clientele can tell you more. Enjoy!


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