Axioo: Yosep Sugiarto
Apr 09, 2018    |   By Yosep
In Love We Trust
courtesy of Reivo & Raisa

If love makes the world go round, then trust is the fuel it runs on. For a concept as abstract as love, it’s admirable to think about the magnitude of things that has been made in the name of love. That’s why, we believe that love alone cannot sustain if not backed by one little thing we call faith.


In love, faith is a given. There’s no guarantee when two people commit themselves into a marriage. Sure, you have the rules set by law and religion that you have to abide in honoring the sacred union you made. But truly, between the two souls combined - faith or trust is the only thing that really matters in keeping that very commitment alive.


Perhaps that’s why it’s always said that trust is the foundation of love. To blindly submit yourself in the arms of another man and to surrender in the caress of one woman you have chosen, it takes more than just blind love, it takes guts and courage. It takes faith.


As Reivo and Raisa exchanged the same set of vow in front of everyone they love and God, the same faith was displayed through each words uttered and echoed in the air. They traded their solemn yet sweet ceremony for a joyful party afterwards, attended by both sides of friends and families in the luscious venue in Bali.


We want to congratulate this couple again for their successful union. May the love you share keep you humble while the trust you have in each other strengthen your relationship for many years to come.


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