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Sep 12, 2023    |   By Wilson
Finding The Missing Piece
courtesy of Edward & Abigail

More often than not, we’re constantly searching for the missing piece. In a world that often feels like a complex jigsaw puzzle, stumbling upon that one person who perfectly complements your being is akin to completing the picture of your life. It's an epiphany; it’s suddenly clear.


But this occurrence is not always an easy feat. Oftentimes, it’s so subtle that you almost miss him or her. Contrary to a dramatic moment, sometimes love is found in the simplicity of shared glances, the warmth of laughter, or the way your souls harmonize in each other's presence. It's an unspoken connection that requires little words, but you feel instantly understood.


Your soulmate may not be a mirror image of yourself, but they are someone who understands you at your core. They embrace your quirks, support your aspirations, and stand unwaveringly by your side through all of life's twists and turns. It's a bond forged in trust, respect, and an enduring affection that defies explanation.


Finding your other half, your soulmate, among almost 8 billion people in this vast world is nothing short of rare and precious. It's a moment that deserves not just recognition, but also a heartfelt celebration.


That’s why we want to celebrate the definition of soulmate with our couple, Edward and Abigail. During their prewedding session in Bali, love is shared through their evident chemistry and matching vibes. As we hop from one great scene to another, they brought a touch of classy and elegance along the way.


We hope that this prewedding video captures that essence, of love moving each adventure ahead of them. Across the mountains, through the seas, whether it’s rainy or sunny, everything is going to be okay - because you’re whole; you’re absolutely complete.






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