Axioo: Andreas Permadi
Oct 03, 2023    |   By Adi
Feels Like Yesterday
courtesy of Thomas & Howayda

We all receive the same 24 hours a day, fair and square. But here's a beautiful twist: we each live it in our unique way. We have the privilege of choosing how we spend those precious hours, with whom we share them, and what we take away from every passing moment. For most of us, life's rhythm is set by the relentless ticking of the clock.


However, love has a peculiar way of bending time's rules. When you're in love, time becomes a non-linear concept, a multidimensional experience that unfolds all at once. Love doesn't come with an expiration date, starting at "always" and ending at "never."


The magic of love lies in its timelessness, where every moment spent together feels like yesterday, today, and forever rolled into one. For couples celebrating their weddings, that's the essence we aim to captureā€”a notion of everlasting love that knows no time stamp. Something you can look back on, where every picture feels just as fresh and endearing.


For our couple, Thomas and Howyada, who celebrated their wedding at Mandapa Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Bali, that was our goal too. As we capture these timeless moments, may they serve as a perpetual reminder that love, like cherished memories, only grows more beautiful with the passage of time and time-defying, forever and always.


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