Axioo: Donny Wu
May 29, 2019    |   By Donny
courtesy of Kevin & Lia

To love is to not be afraid of more:


of giving more, risking more, sacrificing more, caring more. Or, perhaps, to love is to not even think of the “more,” and of who gets the last say.


Love does not keep records.


Because, if it does so, who would keep count? Instead, it tears down walls of pride: walls of expectations and walls of “I”s. Love is selfless enough to keep to itself its own desires and hopes in order to keep its eyes opened with wonder, and gets excited enough for the unexpected things the other does for them.


To love is also to grow in security.


A selfless love sprouts out of a ‘whole’ self: a self that isn’t afraid of running out of inner peace, a self that isn’t afraid of being the one who loves more. A selfless love is able to stand tall, regardless of the changing outside winds. It makes peace with the things outside of its control, because it knows that its roots are buried deep within.


Love is fearless.


It stops doubt in its tracks, making no room for negativity to enter the scene. When a love is fearless, it does not clench the hands of the other too tightly — which is often done out of fear. Instead, it nestles those hands gently, kisses them lightly, and lets them go to carve, craft, and create the things that those hands were designed to do in this world.


Freedom is a fertile ground for fearless love to flourish. But, just like other things that grow, love needs nurturing; Sow love, and keep sowing more and more love. Nurture it daily, until you lose track of the day. Be patient as it secures its roots. Watch as it sprouts to become selfless, and its fruits become fearless. In time, these fruits will regenerate seeds of love that will be sown and nurtured by those who are next in line. So, keep sowing the kind of love that is selfless and fearless—all for the sake of the generations to come.


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