Axioo: Robb Susanto
Mar 05, 2019    |   By Robb
Encapsulated in Time
courtesy of Mikael & Amanda

Young and millenial as they are, Mikael and Amanda reminds us of a lovestory before time. One that belongs in time-stained novel pages, yellow and brittle in sight but every words timeless and strong. A story that plays on a vintage vinyl record where you have to carefully put the needle on, but the tunes come ever so alive with magical melodies.


There’s simply something so retro chic about these two that we couldn’t quite get enough of, neither could our cameras. With a flair of mid-century modern, we immersed ourselves in the love that takes 9 years to brew and a lifetime to perfect. We breathed in the concoctions that made them that much more vivid in our imagination, crazy friends supportive crowd and all.


Take in every intoxicating beat of this motion, a tribute encapsulated in time - just for Mikael and Amanda.


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