Feb 05, 2019
Embracing the Spring Festival of Lunar New Year

As the universal citizens of the world, the Chinese has been introducing a wealth of marvellous cultures, traditions and ancient customs. Each gesture and every details hold its own meaning, all in the effort of preserving the true spirit of Chinese from time to time.


Of all those Chinese wonder, probably none comes close in significance of Chinese New Year. Also known as the Spring festival, this 15-day long joyous occasion is based on the lunisolar Chinese calendar. And just like everything that depicts a true Chinese Spirit, it is all about vivid colors, mouthwatering dishes, feast in abundance, the passing of hongbaos and last but not least, lantern.


In a glance, the extravagance is but a mere periodical celebration. But beneath it all, Chinese New Year is about family connection, going back to your basic roots, paying respect, honoring your elders, and what defines the true core of being a Chinese person. It’s more than just an occasion, it’s an identity. One that is rich in cultural decadence, one that you’ll definitely don’t want to miss.


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