Axioo: William Lie
Jun 29, 2020    |   By Will
Effortless Tropical Breeze
courtesy of Amber & Blake

Sometimes we think that when God made Bali, He must be in a very good mood. We’re blessed not only with an endless summer in Bali, but that sweeping blue sea, serene white sandy beaches and one of the world’s best relaxation paradises all around.


For Amber and Blake’s wedding, Bali was in its all-happy mood. The sun was shining, the air was crisp with warm breeze and love, thick in the air. Simplicity was the theme for this wedding, and pardon us- but we just love small, intimate and familiar affair like this. It just brought out all the feels, without fail each time.


The morning chatters and laughters from both the bride’s and the groom’s further highlighted the day with fun and eagerness to begin the ceremony. And when Amber walked down the aisle, it’s just pure happiness that enveloped the whole Taman Bhagawan. The whimsical venue witnessed their vows all the way to the evening wedding party for their friends and families.


In all its simplicity and effortlessness, the wedding of Amber and Blake stayed with us until now, especially when we looked back to the photography results. It’s seeing Bali as the most perfect wedding spot and this gorgeous couple who loves each other dearly that remind us of our purpose. Because we might be behind the camera, but sometimes we see the clearest. And that day for sure, we felt absolute love and nothing else.






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