May 24, 2017
Crazy Motorbike Drivers

When it comes to traffic, the high level of craziness of Indonesian users is actually a usual sight in the country. With the exception of perhaps Jakarta and other bigger cities, most drivers in Indonesia are actually daredevils and hold quite little regards to safety of others and themselves.


In Bali, the same scene applies. The roads of Bali are quite varied, but it is mostly dominated by narrow lanes, whether it’s one lane or two. That’s why traveling by car in Bali can be quite congested. As a result, motorcycles become the more popular transportation choice, be it for locals or tourists who rent.


It can get pretty crazy, thus the name “crazy motorbike drivers”. They usually pay little to no attention to lanes, traffic conditions, other vehicles, or even pedestrians. It is even possible for them to drive on the sidewalk to speed up the journey.


While we’re certain that they are not entirely crazy and have been quite accustomed to it, foreigners may seem incredulous. Hold no grudge, because it’s just the way of locals. We’re sure they’re good people, it’s just their driving style. Our last advice? Steer clear and be watchful when you encounter them!


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