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Jul 16, 2019    |   By Ray
Crafting Timeless Beauty
courtesy of Marlin & Acha

Today, we’re going to stray away from the love or couple topic and swerve right in the beauty of wedding trends.


The thing about trends is you don’t want to completely submit to them, without putting your own personal touch and creative spin that is YOU. Another thing is that you want to combine just the right elements, crafting an event that is everlasting but still feel current and relatable in its own way.


Creating a modern timeless wedding is not exactly easy to pull, especially when wedding styles constantly evolve from time to time. But when done right, you can look back at your own memory and see class, elegance and aesthetics all over it. Most importantly, your wedding can stand ageless for many many years to come.


The wedding of Marlin and Acha easily fits the bill of such weddings, because it combines many elements altogether. We have the ever classic clean and posh venue with minimalistic vibes, but decorated abundantly with contemporary bold floral installations. The bride herself is a pure vision of art, with clean cut asymmetrical gown and highly intricate details all over. We also cannot get over how well-assembled the best men and bridesmaids, rich in their own colors and styles.


An exceptional wedding like this one is a work of art in itself, and it takes a certain vision to fulfill. As challenging as it was, Marlin and Acha more than accomplished that; they nailed it perfectly. Congratulations once again on your beautiful wedding!


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