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Feb 20, 2024    |   By Kris
Crafting Forever, Building Family
courtesy of Alistair & Olga

Nestled in Bali's AYANA Resort, Alistair and Olga painted a love story of their own that we’re all rooting for.


Hailing from Australia, this couple kept it sweet, simple, and full of heart in a super intimate yet fun wedding celebration. Against the ocean's backdrop, the wedding was a blend of warmth and genuine moments, shared among close friends and family.


What made it truly special was the presence of their son, looking cute and dapper in his little tuxedo. As the wedding was officiated, the day turned into a meaningful family affair. We cherished how their union wasn't about flashy outfits or extravagant decors, but keeping everything tasteful and refined, along with the quiet promise of growing old together.


Olga, radiantly beautiful in her simple gown, and Alistair, dapper in his formal suit, radiated love. Minimalistic as it was, this couple did not forget to infuse their day with joy, capturing a few stylish and cool moments by the beach, a playful reflection of their shared happiness.


Olga and Alistair serve as a heartwarming reminder of how sometimes love is not about making a grand spectacle; it's a celebration of enduring love. Their wedding marks a heartfelt beginning of a story punctuated by love, simplicity, and the joy of growing old side by side. Cheers to Alistair and Olga, crafting a forever that's as beautiful as it is enduring.






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