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May 24, 2019    |   By Will
Constant Love
courtesy of Josh & Tiff
“Through the highs, lows, successes, and struggles, Tiffany has always been there for me. She is a constant source of love and empathy when I need it most. I’m so lucky that I get to call this beautiful woman my wife.” – Josh.

To be faithful is to wake up every single morning with a mind that is made up — that the you will always stick with your lover, no matter the circumstances. To be faithful is to show the other person the support that they need to achieve their dreams, and help build within them a measure of security and assurance. To be faithful is to never let doubt, assumptions, and jealousy win the war inside your head, but instead, letting love, kindness, and peace rule your actions and your hearts. To be faithful is, sometimes, denying the alluring sense of comfort, and to deliberately choose to put grace and forgiveness first.


The faithful one will be your constant source of love and empathy. The faithful one will have a heart that is designed to be deep and big enough to shower you with that kind of love — for the heart of the faithful one has, indeed, gone through many stretches throughout its lifetime. Every stretch and struggle that those hearts have faced were specifically knitted to enlarge the heart’s capacity, in order for it to be big enough to handle a heart like yours, to be deep enough to be the source of love and peace in times of need, just enough to become your faithful one. And this heart will not only be made strong to be faithful during your big shiny moments in life, but it will also be made to celebrate all of your smallest victories, and even to make you feel loved in times you feel defeated.


Because life is not just about the big, celebrated moments that are seen. Though they make life more beautiful, they are not the point of living. Life is more about the simple, everyday things that are unseen. Life is to be lived in the seconds, minutes, and hours, not just in fragments of victorious memories. Once you have found someone who not only stands alongside you in the happier, more glorious, celebratory moments, but someone who can care for you in your every second, minute, and hour, you will know that you have found your faithful one.


Love isn’t just about the big, celebrated moments that are seen. Not just about the moment you fell in love, the moment you asked for a hand in marriage, nor is it about the wedding ceremonies. Love is found in the simple, everyday things that are unseen.


Find faithfulness in the mundane, everyday life. Seek faithfulness in the little things, the things you have here and now. A constant love is a love that is content and committed. Never let that kind of love go.


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