Axioo: William Lie
Mar 20, 2019    |   By Will
Colors-Tinted Summer
Michael & Cathlin saying yes

If love is a color, then it’d probably be better than rainbows, pastels, and all sorts of shades combined. We’ve seen it enough for us to tell you so. For us photographers who work behind the lens, we always get high on rich bursts of vivid colors - particularly so when you’re in Bali. There’s just something in the air that intensifies whatever we’re pointing our cameras at.


That something in the air, we believe, is the work of chemistry that our couples share right before our gears. The pure emotions easily translate to vibrancy of hues that dances with delight, giving our shots a surreal feel that just comes out differently in each photoshoot.


Some couples radiate a glow of golden around them, the result of the warm beaming sun. Others bathe in multicolor fantasy, the work of pure nature in the land where God must have spent more time creating. As for Michael Cathlin, theirs is a vision of one lively summer, dazzling in its own electrifying and exotic colors.


This playful duo was definitely a treat to have as our muse of the day, confident, flirty and gorgeous in every theme they picked. It’s a thrill to have them both in front of camera, proving that photographers may afterall, live through rose-colored glasses. And what a pleasure indeed it is to have.


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