Axioo: Robb Susanto
Jul 03, 2018    |   By Robb
Chasing Nature
courtesy of Willi & Reza

Here at Axioo Bali, we speak the language of eternal love between two souls. And for most of the time, we too have the pleasure of drinking from the endless beauty of the nature around us. As we’re based in Bali, there’s an infinite inspiration to take from our mother earth.


This time, our couple Willi & Reza took us to another place of rugged beauty. A gem in plain sight filled with luscious mystery, striking vivid colors and raw inviting allure, this intoxicating destination evokes all sorts of wanderlust vibes without fail.


A reminiscence of golden Africa right in Indonesia, this is the place where expanses of savannah compete with the exotic beautiful beaches. Gallops of free roaming horses, songs of tropical birds under the sun, and whispers of tall grasses rubbing against one another, these are all the tunes of what make the hilly place of the eastern land in Indonesia really shines.


It’s an absolute thrill to witness it all and capture the moments for our couple in love, Willi and Reza. As love is the strongest bond, they were joined as one with the nature of Sumba. This place is anything but ordinary, but somehow the chemistry that these two shared rivals of that. There’s a sense of pure simplicity, blissful joy and endless love that emitting from every scene in our clip.


To Willi and Reza, we hope that this pre-wedding video does justice as a witness to your love. Let it serve as a reminder that once upon a time, that your love is just as big as the most wonderful nature, if not bigger, better and stronger.




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