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Sep 09, 2019    |   By Will
Blissful Oceanfront Soiree
courtesy of John & Yvonne

Of all the best places to get married in, somewhere that involves the sea always wins out vote. There is something so romantic and natural about a venue overlooking the deep blue waters that we just can't get enough of. And we have a feeling, we’re not the only one.


As thalassophiles, a term used to describe those who are drawn to the sea or the ocean, there is something soothing, inspiring and stirring all at once when we’re in the company of the sea. The fascination lies in a combination of several elements : the sweeping of vast ocean blue, the sounds of crashing waves, the signature sea breeze and the overall mood that’s ready to overtake your whole being.


We believe that this very feeling is what makes Bali such a popular wedding destination compared to many others. Being surrounded by the oceans from all directions, Bali is the epitome of oceanfront bliss that many of our clients have incorporated in their weddings.


ForJohn and Yvonne, they too had a very romantic oceanic love affair in their wedding celebration. Overlooking the sprawling sea, their ceremony took place one quiet morning with a handful of guests in attendance. With minimalist and clean decor, the styling was simple yet stunning and effective. A giant golden ring adorned their center union, with flowers placed strategically, it’s as if a symbol of infinite love was there to witness their coming together in front of everyone they love.


The beautiful oceanfront soiree continued with the groom and bride looking absolutely breathtaking. In keeping with the chic and elegant theme, John and Yvonne kept their attire comfortable and effortless with a touch of classic. Still, they knew how to party the right way as songs, praises, toasts, and festivities slowly took the evening to a splendid close.


They say the sea represents life and its hardships, daunting us with width and depth. But it is also a symbol of hope and power. Altogether, we view it as an undeniable force bigger than life and stronger than love, which we hope that John and Yvonne will continue to embody in their journey together as man and wife. Congratulations again to these beautiful lovebirds!


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