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Jul 24, 2018    |   By Will
Blissful French Summer
Victor & Nadia saying yes

If there is one time of the year to fall in love, it’s gotta be summer. It’s the season of letting your guard (and hair) down, then letting the possibilities of romance take center stage for a moment. That’s why, for us personally at Axioo Bali, there’s no better place to be in love other than Bali - the island where all summer fantasies come alive.


But for this couple, Victor and Nadia, they managed to prove that Nice in France can be just the best place for the perfect summer loving too. Following their footsteps, off we jetted to this little town on the French Riviera. And we must say, it’s simply superb in its own little ways too. In fact, we’re totally head over heels with this gorgeous destination.


Their pre-wedding was colored with a fully-relaxed vibe, but filled with enough artistic elegance that made us smile each time we scroll through the results. From a cozy session indoor to turning up the drama and heat outdoor under the sun, it’s a full on summer love story for this beautiful couple.


As stunning as Nice is, or even Bali, looking back at all these photos, I had to pick some of our most favorites. Interestingly, some of these most favorites didn’t really include any nature in the backgrounds, vivid summer colors, blinding sun or all those elements. They are the ones where Nadia and Victor were stripped out of props, just close-ups of their chemistry, minus everything else. If you look through the collection carefully, we think you can spot a few of those really raw and genuine couple shots.


So maybe it’s not the location after all, maybe it’s not the season even. Maybe, it’s just two persons being comfortable in the presence of one another, with an undeniable strong chemistry called love. And there happens to be a camera with a person behind it who is just lucky to capture the effortlessness of it all.




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