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Jun 19, 2015    |   By Yosep
Best latte in town

Two years ago when I just moved to Bali, I stumbled upon this coffee shop near the house I rented. As a good neighbour, I paid them a visit. I was greeted with friendly smiles from the staff as I opened their door. I settled on a cozy corner, and immediately ordered a latte. No need for detailed menu. It has to be a latte.


Yes, I’m a latte lover. I’d love to sip lattes at any cafe serving one. Whether it's a five star hotel or a crooked shed, if they serve caffeine, then latte it is.


I dipped my face onto the mug and delicate steam touched the tip of my nose. Its smooth flavour blended perfectly with the aroma, and I just knew that this latte is an outstanding latte. Different than any other lattes I’ve tasted before.


My instinct didn’t lie. After a little chat with Pak Askari, the owner, it turned out that he was so skilful he got appointed as a jury in Barista Competitions back in 2013. He’s also been travelling worldwide representing Indonesian coffee in international market. Indonesia is indeed one of the most significant coffee producer, and also the home to Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world.


What intrigued me from Pak Askari is not his achievement or his skills, but rather his humility and enthusiamn. We could talk for hours, about anything coffee related. He was not afraid to share his knowledge, even the technical details of it. I learned a big deal from Pak Askari, and he helped me to improve my sensitivity to good latte.


I am comfortable to tell you that Crema Coffee is a place that every coffee lover must visit in Bali. They have a passion that drives them to be better and consistent in their coffee making. At Crema Coffee, I have met many coffee enthusiasts and we exchanged interesting information on coffee.


When you’re around and planning to swing by, try to look for Pak Askari or Ibu Dewi, the humble owners. Throw smiles back to Ira, Erick, or Made Ardani the Baristas. Most importantly, poke me if you see me hanging out with a laptop and a latte.






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