Axioo: Robb Susanto
May 21, 2021    |   By Robb
Beauty in the Wilderness
courtesy of Edward & Deasy

Do you consider yourself a nature lover? Whether you are a person who loves spending time outdoors – breathing in the mountain air or soaking your feet in the sand – or someone who couldn’t bear the fears and dangers posed by the outside world, we can all agree that nothing can compare the beauty of nature. No song, painting, or poem can perfectly capture the wonders of the wild.


Have you ever witnessed a sky full of stars? Have you ever sat atop a mountain, overlooking thin layers of clouds shrouding the hilltops? Or dropped whatever you were doing to capture the popsicle-colored skies as the sunset approaches? Or seen beautifully painted stripes on the back of a tiger?


Beauty is found all around us. It lies in unexpected places, even in places that are outside of our control. Some may say that beauty springs up naturally… but even natural beauty has to go through some sort of darkness, struggle, pain or process before reaching its peak.


A caterpillar must go through confinement before becoming a butterfly. Stars need to explode. The ground must be shaken to create mountains. A mother shrieks in pain before bringing another beautiful soul into this earth. Beautiful things are birthed out of struggles.


Although marriage is a beautiful union between two souls who are in search of life, the journey to it is never smooth. Through the ups and downs, the two stay together because they know that, for every darkness, there is a dawn coming. For every struggle, paradise is waiting on the other side.


Keep this hope alive in your marriage, in your love. Every time you see the sunset, the stars in the sky, and all the wonders of nature, know that there is always meaning behind your struggles, your effort, and your sacrifices. Hold on to the hope that, coming out of the wilderness, you’ll become more resilient than ever in your love for each other.






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