Nov 01, 2018
Bali Taxi

For the longest time and before the era of apps-technology online taxi, tourists visitors had to rely on conventional taxi transportation in Bali. In this period, you can expect rows of cars, in various types, colors, sizes and of course, drivers.This was a common sight, actually still is, especially in South of Bali, including the airport, Legian and Seminyak. Simply flag one and you can hop on to your next destination, either with prior negotiation or the meter run.


Typically, like everywhere else in Jakarta, there is Blue Bird taxi and everyone else. Lots of tips on how to avoid scams, get on the right vehicle and other norms have been widely circulated on the internet, so we’re not going to talk about that.


Rather, let’s focus on what makes Bali taxi special or infact, all drivers in reliable rental services. For one, you can expect amazing and genuine hospitality the moment you enter the car- after all Balinese is famed for their warm and friendly attitude without exception.


Secondly, these drivers are adept with English speaking skills, something that is a natural part of their tourism-driven life. Lastly, more often than not, they’ll strike a conversation about where you came from, how long your holiday is and maybe even throw in some hot recommendations along the way- but almost never in an intrusive way.


It’s wonderful that with the sprout of technology, more rental and online taxi services are even more accessible these days of age. But there’s something about standing on the side of the road, raising your arm or thumb up, and flag the colorful sedan that brings so much nostalgia. All enough to make you smile and say, “ Terima Kasih Pak!” at the very end of your trip.


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