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Aug 15, 2023    |   By Adi
Bali Bliss Chronicles
courtesy of Dominic & Kaitlin

Amidst Bali's breathtaking scenery, Dominic and Kaitlin's union unfolded as a captivating reality as organized by their trusted wedding organizer, Global Wedding, right at one of the most beautiful establishments in Bali. Hailing from Australia, this couple brought their love story to life in a heartfelt celebration that left an indelible mark.


The venue, renowned for Bali's tranquil allure, featured a specially reserved area for our couple. Adorned with all-white decor, this beautiful spot served as the backdrop for their vow exchange and further celebrations. With an overlook of the oceanic blue and gentle breeze, it became the perfect setting for their blissful ceremony.


Balancing romance with a touch of fun, our couple added a personal and unique element to their celebration with a tattoo parlor. In a way, this symbolizes how profound memories are always etched in us.


The evening held even more enchantment where under the starlit sky, the wedding reception unfolded with more surprises and entertainment. Accompanying their delightful dinner was a traditional fire dance that imbued the atmosphere with the mesmerizing ambience of ancient Bali. Last but not least, an awe-inspiring fireworks display became the night's fitting finale.


For Dominic and Kaitlin who have embarked on their journey together, their wedding was more than a fleeting day; it represented an enduring promise, sealed with tattoos, illuminated by fire, and crowned with fireworks. We’re honored to have captured this lively and lovely celebration, and now all there’s left to do is to look back and enjoy the photos - each one tells the story of such special moments.






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