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May 30, 2023    |   By Kris
Bali Bliss : A Love Seat For Two
courtesy of Christopher & Rachael
Love is a matter of two soulmates, but more often than not, it involves an entire village.

Love is a matter of two soulmates, but more often than not, it involves an entire village. That's not to say it's a bad thing; in fact, the blessings from friends and families are often crucial in a blissful relationship. When it comes to celebrating love, the consensus is usually "the more, the merrier."


However, our lovebirds, Christopher and Rachel, had a different idea. They embarked on a journey from the United States to Ayana Resort in Bali with a clear vision: to create an exquisitely intimate celebration exclusively for themselves. Their desire for a deeply personal and romantic wedding made it one of the most extraordinary events. With only the hotel staff as their guests, it became a super private ceremony and reception, an affair truly dedicated to their love.


Embracing the true meaning of intimacy, Christopher and Rachel fully immersed themselves in the moment without any reservations. They strolled along the secluded and picturesque beach by the resort, savoring the ocean breeze and breathtaking views, while wrapped in each other's embrace.


As the evening unfolded, Christopher and Rachel delighted in a romantic dinner for two within a secluded gazebo, embraced by the captivating allure of the Bali sky. This intimate setting held even greater significance as it coincided with the bride's birthday, making it a truly unforgettable double celebration.


We’re deeply in awe of their choice to create a deeply personal and meaningful experience. It showcased the beauty of cherishing each other's presence and crafting lasting memories together. And that at the end of the day, love is after all, a matter of two.






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