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Jul 26, 2022    |   By Will
And So It Begins ❤
courtesy of Reynaldo & Ivana

We can’t be the only ones to attest to how time has changed since the pandemic. During the last few years, we’ve had our shares of quiet, intimate and personal weddings - all still lovely and magical of course, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen massive celebrations.


Until Renaldi and Ivana stepped in of course. Right off the bat, we’re charmed by this perfect pair who’s ready to celebrate like they mean it. The bride, an absolute darling with big energy, showed us how it’s done from day to night. The groom, Renaldi is such a great and supportive partner, that we felt right back at where it all began.


It’s all about being unapologetically in love, and knowing right well how they wanted to have their special day go down. Smooth sailing morning ceremonies to cozy evening reception ensued, followed by an after-party rave involving loud cheers, bright lights, liquor glasses and unique choices of food (instant noodle anyone?). What could be more proper than this!


Maybe it’s perfect timing, maybe it’s just the atmosphere. But something about this couple that breathed back that spirit of love that we thoroughly enjoy. Even now looking back at these pictures, we’re taken back to that wonderful summer day with a smile on our face. We got a feeling, this is how pre-pandemic mood and weddings shall begin. And if so, let it begin.




Axioo Bali.


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