Axioo: Donny Wu
Jul 01, 2019    |   By Donny
Always in Harmony
courtesy of Liam & Julia

The wedding of Liam and Julia is one that is made for the love storybook. Set in one dreamy sunny day in Bali, it’s a combination of Chinese culture and modern traditions with a flair of intimate intricacies in between. As a result, you have one seamless and elegant wedding, bursting with aesthetic pleasure for everyone to witness.


We often applaud couples who embrace their traditional roots, because there are just so many delightful wonders you can uncover and explore- just like Liam and Julia here. Lending vivid colors and festivities to your event, more and more young couples are incorporating such authentic values, giving them the chance to honor the elderly and themselves in the process.


For Liam and Julia, there is no other way to describe the wedding than superbly well-done. We’re falling head over heels over their fine choices of wardrobe, minimal makeup, and overall stunning details. Everything was simply to-die-for, but more importantly, it’s the man that maketh the costume, so we really have to hand it to our couple for looking extra gorgeous and confident in their special day.


For blending the old and the new in such a perfect harmony, and living each of ceremonies so beautifully, we’d like to wish Liam and Julia a happy-ever-after. May your love be old-fashioned enough to last forever, but modern enough to survive the times.


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