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Nov 13, 2019    |   By Adi
Aesthetics Goals
courtesy of Ilir & Sibel

They say if you’re looking for the prettiest girl in the world, go find a bride in white. The wedding day is the moment when a woman looks her absolute best in all of her lifetime. And as wedding photographers, we totally second that.


As our bride, Sibel, appeared in her custom- design wedding gown, we’re again reminded of how true that saying is. Wrapped in a stylish and refined white dress, her asymmetrical dress was a coming together of both femininity and edginess in one perfect piece. Keeping her hair down and makeup minimal, it’s as if she’s letting her best features shine and shine she did.


Sibel was not the only person looking extra glowing that day, but her groom - Ilir- was beaming with just the equal amount of joy, if not more. His smile was there all day long, from ear to ear and we couldn’t blame him. Together, they are the very definition of a match-made-in-heaven from any angles.


Joined together under the shared roof of Alila pavilion overlooking the ocean, our couple had their lovely ceremony in the loveliest atmosphere. Shower of petals were abundant, as was the blessing from friends and families from both sides. The magical day continued with more breathtaking venue styling where the reception would be. The superb setting was simply awe-inspiring and tailored to leave you with a sense of magic here and there.


With a twist of modern and classic, the evening party took place in a vast stretch of emerald green garden. The all-white theme was consistent from the seating, flower decorations and the crystal white chandeliers. Lined in formation, the space was kept close and intimate with nothing but the blue sky above and lush tall trees swaying along the tropical breeze.


That balmy evening, Ilir and Sibel celebrated their love with songs and dances along with exquisite feast flowing out splendidly for everyone’s enjoyment. Simply said, everything was just flawless and it was a much deserved happiness for all who attended.


For a couple who showed us first hand how to celebrate a wedding so beautifully, we congratulate you once again. To Ilir and Sibel, may your life continue to be an exemplar of class, style and aesthetic goals all rolled into one.


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