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Aug 08, 2023    |   By Wilson
A Whirlwind of True Love
courtesy of Nithis & Chandni

Two strangers on one fateful day almost 18 years ago. The story of Nithis and Chandni is a pure treat for any hopeless romantic, including us!


Coming from big Indian families, both soulmates are based in Indonesia who happened to cross paths randomly. Nithis is a mischievous and good-looking guy, while our beautiful Chandni is charming with a genuinely warm personality. Together, they made a perfect match for reasons that go beyond skin-deep.


Their love story began with a courtship, which involved a hilarious prank of identity theft but ended in a happily-ever-after. As one can imagine, their romantic journey is a colorful and vibrant one, just as their festive 3-day-long wedding celebrations!


Every day was beautifully captured, featuring traditional ceremonies with blessings from close family members, followed by stylish and endless parties. Every moment was perfectly eternalized, from the daughter-daddy dance to tears in their eyes, stolen glances, and euphoric smiles. The elegant decorations, royal wedding outfits, grand dance party, and well-choreographed moves came together to create a beautiful cinematic pleasure.


As days turned to nights and nights gave way to late evenings, the love celebration of Nithis and Chandni transcended time and boundaries. They shared heartfelt perspectives and love confessions for each other, serving as a reminder of the beautiful next chapter in their life as husband and wife.


Simply put, this is true love, and this is how we will remember it. We want to thank Nithis and Chandni for this whirlwind of a romantic adventure that we were lucky enough to witness and capture. Enjoy this video, and we promise it will bring smiles to your face!






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