Axioo: Wilson Tsu
Jun 13, 2023    |   By Wilson
A Spellbinding Tale of Romance
courtesy of Stanley & Devina

6 years ago, he stood up in front of everyone and asked for her phone number. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Meet Stanley and Devina, our crazy-in-love couple who are all about fun, style, and sophistication. From the early morning when the preparations began on both sides, we already knew that they were no ordinary love birds.


On one hand, we have Devina, the stunning and gorgeous lady surrounded by her bridesmaids. She’s the magnet in the room, with a great personality to match. Her beautiful friendship with the bridesmaids further highlights how this fashionable lady is the apple of everyone’s eye.


As for Stanley, our groom is a good-looking fella whose laughter roars across the room. His eager enthusiasm is shown through his easy-going personality and is further confirmed through the bromance with his buddies. Simply put, the morning mood was high, and we were off to a good start.


Walking down the aisle beneath the crisp blue sky at the Kamaya resort, the ambiance turned absolutely warm and romantic. Gone were the goofy antics, and what was left were two soulmates exchanging heartfelt vows. With their beloved family and closest friends, the couple was surrounded by love, blessings, and joy through and through.


Last but not least, the evening dinner and after-party turned into a fantastic affair. Our bride changed into a fabulous blue-silver sparkling gown, while the groom matched in a dashing casual suit. The night went on a high note, our couple and all guests serving looks and elegance while surrendering to the fun on the dance floor.


We’re so thankful to have Stanley and Devina as our clients, and even more grateful knowing that they felt the same about our service. We still keep little note, humbled by her praises of us being the best decision they ever made. All we can say is that the feeling is mutual, and we wish them both everything wonderful and nothing less.






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