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Jun 20, 2023    |   By Kris
A Dreamy Fusion in Bali
courtesy of Yang Liu & Yiming
Capturing the essence of such a remarkable event was a privilege for those fortunate enough to be part of it.

Ready for a refreshing take on a modern-day wedding with a twist of culture and tradition? Meet Yang Liu and Yiming! This couple celebrated their union in a breathtaking Bali wedding that seamlessly blended dreamy oriental traditions with a modern, clean minimalist vibe.


The decision to honor their Chinese heritage on their big day deserves applause. With carefully chosen traditional elements, they paid homage to their roots, adding a rich cultural touch to their celebration. From the exquisite decorations to the delectable cuisine, every detail spoke volumes about their respect for the traditions that have shaped them.


Picture the enchanting Alila Uluwatu in Bali as the backdrop, where dreamy oriental charm meets modern minimalism. The mingling of traditional Chinese-inspired elements against the contemporary Bali setting created an ethereal and captivating atmosphere that whisked guests away. It was like witnessing the past and present dance in perfect harmony, creating unforgettable moments.


Bali, with its natural beauty and spiritual essence, proved to be the perfect choice for a culturally rich celebration. The island's allure, infused with ancient traditions and vibrant energy, elevated the significance of Yang Liu and Yiming's union. It became the sanctuary where dreams merged with reality, a place where love and heritage intertwined flawlessly, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Being a part of Yang Liu and Yiming's wedding was an absolute treat. The dreamy oriental affair blended with a contemporary and minimalist vibe, simply serves as a beautiful reminder that cultural heritage is a living tapestry, weaving together tradition and the promise of a bright future.






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