Oct 08, 2018
A Day With Adi #AxiooBali

If you’ve ever wondered how an Axioo pre-wedding photography runs, then you’re in luck. What we’re going to show you here is quite a rare behind-the-scene with our master photographer, the all-time quirky and most-time cheeky Andreas Permadi or better known as simply Adi.


You might know him from his IG handle, (which we feature a lot!), at @jonihobiholiday. Proceed at your own cost, as you will be treated to his amazing virtual gallery of Axioo-esque wedding pictures and occasional sharing of his personal life.


We’re quite thankful for the magnificent work of the videographer, Mr. Jimmy Indra and awesome editing work by Hadi Wiguna Putra. This precious reel sheds light on how fun, real and ( sometimes) hilarious these romantic moments of our clients could be. Not just with Andreas, all our silly-yet-highly-talented photographers is just a blast to be with. That’s just how professional peeps roll, they’d say.


How these guys always act goofy yet still deliver epicly gorgeous wedding pictures, remain a mystery. All you need to know is, you’re in the best hands of wedding photographers with these guys around.


But don’t take our words for it, click play and see it for yourself. Enjoy!


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