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Apr 08, 2023    |   By Wilson
A Chance Encounter
courtesy of Audy & Isabel

If there is one thing that's certain about life, it's uncertainty. At every nook and cranny, or at every turn, you never know who you'll meet and how that person is going to change your life forever.


Audy and Isabel met by chance, pure serendipity. Five years ago, their paths crossed during an event where they soon became friends. But it would take a while to convince our bride, Isabel, that Audy was worthy of her attention. He sent her flowers, he persisted, until what was once a mere chance of meeting blossomed into their entire love story.


It's easy for us to summarize a couple's love story: they met a certain number of years ago and now they stand in front of God and everyone they love to exchange vows. But there's so much more to it than we could ever imagine. This was evident in Isabel's vow to her dear husband. In the passing of each day for years, she was comforted, empowered, and loved by Audy in a way that made her believe he was more than just worthy.


The celebration of their beautiful wedding day was colorful, with her bridesmaids hosting a gate crashing filled with hilarious pranks and other antics. We could tell that our couple here is long-time friends first and lovers next - a perfect combination that tells us, maybe it's not serendipity, maybe it's meant-to-be after all.


Congratulations again, Audy and Isabel. We hope you continue to cherish each other, and we know you definitely will.






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