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May 10, 2017    |   By Will
A Bridestory-Curated Wedding
courtesy of Eron & Wulan
"...everything was a surprise for them..."

What if you skip most of your wedding preparations and arrived at the wedding day without knowing the complete detail about your own wedding? Sounds fun. You get to skip all the hassles! However, deep down, you’re worried your wedding won’t be like your dream wedding.


This scenario actually happened with Eron and Wulan. Everything, from pre-wedding to their wedding day, is paid by Bridestory, but the couple totally had no idea about their wedding until the big day. Everything is taken care by the Bridestory and their handpicked vendors. The couple only gave the vendors a small moodboard and received a few seconds feedback. When the couple voiced their inputs, Wulan knew what she wanted and went for it. Eron let Wulan decide and cheered for her.


Our team waited for a while to hear their feedbacks, but, until the feedback time’s up, we don’t hear anything from them. We were surprised! Usually, we discuss the photo idea together with the couple. This time, the idea came from us. Our concept was simple, but real. We’re a bit worried the couple won’t like the idea. Thankfully, the couple loves our idea! Even though everything was a surprise for them, they enjoyed every moment of it. All of their emotions in the photos were real. No fake smile. No fake laughter. Everything is 100% real.


I am inspired by the couple’s way in handling unknown quantities in their wedding planning. They said clearly what they want without stressing over anything. They went along with the process, and most importantly, they had so much fun.






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