Axioo: Robb Susanto
Jun 23, 2022    |   By Robb
A Blissful Voyage
courtesy of Raymond & Caca
...and then there

ife is a journey, and so is love. Along the way, we’d pass through storms and rainbows. We’d catch butterflies and heartbreaks. It is all the beauty of voyaging: how one navigates and learns to keep on going, while appreciating the view along the way.


We’d also come across memories to be reminisced and be retold when we’re older, and we may encounter people we’d like to cherish. If we’re lucky, we’d also find our person to share the rest of our lives with, through smiles and cries, through ups and downs.


Raymond and Caca have found each others in this voyage.


There was something in the way Raymond and Caca showed love and caring for one another. If I may put it into words, the longing stare they shared was a little like folk songs sung by the bonfire: warm, nostalgic, and pure. They hug as if they had been waiting for one another in this lifetime.


I’m so glad that through a life that may be full of long roads and unfamiliar places, they now have each other to rely on. Cheers to more tales on a blissful voyage ahead! And may we all find someone who’d take our hand and say; “Hop on, let’s catch the sunset together.”






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