Jan 24, 2020
The Heart and Soul of Axioo Bali

Stepping into the Island of the Gods, please welcome Axioo Bali’s front row heroes: Adi, Donny, Will, Yosep, Robb, and Ray, who are fully backed up by another row of exuberant shooters, Kris, Sandy, Kadek, David, and Wayne. These storytellers are the one who start the fire, paint with lights, and blow life into magic.


Once born, the magic will be then nurtured by our beloved team of editors; Mike, Auryn, Yohana, Alvin, Dae, Sugi, and Satrio. They understand light and dark the way most people can’t. They knit time and momentums, turning raw beauty into an orchestra of luminous arts.


Guarding behind them, are incredibly effective talents who make sure all strategies are fruitful; Vina, Mega, Kiki, Debbie, Ajeng and Hans. They are keeping the time, protecting the gold, managing the traffic, embellishing the house, solving the problems, and overseeing the machineries.


This group of people is Axioo Bali’s heart and soul, that putting it out there every single day.


We want this team to be a perfect team. And for this team to be a perfect team, it has to have flaws. There has to be something wrong with it. It got to have human quality. Therefore, we argue all the time.


Our highly diverse backgrounds, opinions, and ages, allow us to throw cannon balls to one another whenever our minds are not in line. That’s what makes Axioo Bali strong. This diversity helps us see the bigger pictures. It aids us in indicating times of danger and points out things we should strive forward in. It keeps giving us fresh point of views on how to do things we couldn’t possibly dream of doing.


Like dreaming of preserving beautiful emotions for people, as a job. Capturing love stories then extracting the happiness out of it into a glass jar. The happiness that reverberates through the sounds of crashing waves, glimmers under the shady palm leaves, and breathes together with the white sand of paradisal beaches – for all eternity.


And you, you will find us because of this passion.


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