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Feb 28, 2020    |   By Robb
Love at Work
courtesy of Sandy & Debbie

When you’re feeling desperate, wanting to take things into your own hands, wanting to control fate, remember that there is a Power greater than you that is doing its work… and that Power is called Love. Love is not against you, but it’s working for your good, taking action in areas you just can’t control. Love isn’t something that you could hurry up, isn’t something you should chase, and it certainly isn’t your end goal.


Instead, it tells you to run your own race, live your own life, and it’ll lead the right person to your side as they’re running their own race, too.


Sandy and Debbie’s love story is, in a nutshell, a naturally-evolved ‘office’ romance. Fate (in this case, Axioo) brought them into the same room. Sandy was a photographer at Axioo and an editor at SweetEscape at that time, and Debbie was a stylist at Axioo Jakarta. Before Sandy even met Debbie, there was one particular thing that Sandy liked when it comes to girls: he likes girls with sneakers. And guess who incessantly wears sneakers? Yes, you guessed it. Debbie.


Sandy started replying to Debbie’s Instagram stories. One time, Debbie was in Korea and Sandy asked her a favor to get him something from there. Little did they know, this little conversation would eventually lead them to step into a much more serious relationship.


And so, they went on a first date to the movies… after work, of course. Some time went by, and Sandy finally asked Debbie to be his girlfriend at their favorite gelato shop in the North of Jakarta.


But Jakarta didn’t stick with them for long, as they both made the decision to rebuild their whole lives in the Island of Gods, joining the Axioo Bali team. Axioo is the ultimate supportive family for both Sandy and Debbie. “It’s where our paths cross professionally that touch our lives personally.”


The proposal happened in Queenstown, New Zealand, where their friends had their wedding. They flew in as guests and they flew out engaged! A few days prior, however, Debbie had gotten the hint of the proposal plans through a Whatsapp chat… though she remained unaware of the exact time and place that it would happen.


Who would have thought that your dream job would lead you to meet your dream soulmate?


This love story is still being written, and yours is too. So why don’t you just trust the author, Love, to bring you your hearts’ desires?






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