Axioo: Robb Susanto
Jan 09, 2019    |   By Robb
Bohemian Summer Dream
courtesy of Stephania & Malek

The wedding of Malek and Stefania is the union of two very good looking people, surrounded by the warmest friends and family, and took place in one of the most awe-inspiring- straight-out-of-Pinterest-fantasy venues.


The theme had been consistent from early morning. Casual and laid back - our bride, Stefania, let her hair down, flowing as free as her bare-shoulder lace gowns. Her bouquet is filled with the most colorful petals, as bright and blinding as her smile. The sun was soon rising high, but we dare say that Stefania’s glow was completely radiating from her own inner happiness.


She was finally joined by Malek after a short walk through a set of exotic tapestry laid bare on Mother Earth as the wedding aisle. Despite the minimalist decorations, everything about the morning ceremony spelled dreamy, from the giant flower wreath to the twigs-built photo backdrop and majestic rattan seat for two.


As the tropical wind was blowing and the sea lent its melodies of crashing waves, day turned to night and everyone was ushered into yet another bohemian wonderland for feast, toast, and dancing. The stars took over the balmy evening, as did musics and songs of laughters. What a night indeed for the happy couple and pretty much everyone one involved


Free-spirited, effortless, and utterly in-love, that’s the romance of Malek and Stefania that we managed to capture in our reels. You can feel the attention to details, shown through every single piece of elements that were present in their perfect day. Congratulations once again and may your marriage be even more beautiful than your wedding and nothing less.


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