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Nov 10, 2022    |   By Wilson
Unfolding Love and All It's Layers
courtesy of Walton & Emily

For some couples, love is everything they need to sustain the relationship. But for Emily and Walton, their love goes deeper, encompassing friendships, soulmates, and everything in between.


Like many couples whose dream weddings were disrupted by the pandemic, Emily and Walton pivoted from a grand-scale celebration to an intimate gathering. They chose Amankila, one of the most luxurious and elegant Aman Resorts in Bali, as their venue.


Their small yet warm and intimate wedding was attended by their closest friends, set against the backdrop of stunning views and posh settings. But the real highlight of the evening was the outpouring of love from their friends.


As the evening progressed, Emily and Walton were continually showered with heartfelt speeches, touching notes and simply the best energy a couple could wish for a wedding. They heard creative poems, bromance confessions, soul-sisters’ speeches and endless praises wrapped in well wishes for the lovebirds.


The speeches from their friends not only expressed love for the couple, but also showcased the deep connections they had built over the years. It was evident that Emily and Walton had touched the hearts of those around them, and that their coming together was meant-to-be, well-celebrated and truly magical.


In their own unique way, Emily and Walton have also touched the Axioo team. We are grateful to this power couple for opening up new opportunities with clients and creative projects for us. We wish Emily and Walton all the best in their future endeavors, including Emily's awesome fashion brand, Love & Flair, with Walton by her side.






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