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Jan 19, 2017    |   By Donny
Whimsical Bohemian Romance
courtesy of Nico & Felicia
"...they decided to not use tent."

It’s not uncommon for couples to face trials during the wedding preparations. Somehow, I think it makes them stronger. Like most couples, Nico and Feli faced challenges too. But what impressed me was how they responded to the problem.


It was raining all December. Nico and Feli had to make the decision to use a tent or not in their outdoor wedding. Can you imagine how it felt to hear the weather forecast tell you that there will be a thunderstorm on the day of your wedding and you were already dreaming of saying your vows on a bright day with blue skies above you? I’m sure that most people would immediately think of Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. No wait, I think most people, in the midst of the panic, fear, and anxiety, would make sure to bring control into their own hands and call a Shaman to drive away the rain.


But not Nico and Feli. Despite feeling anxious, confused and afraid, they didn’t let the negativity control their hearts. Instead, they surrendered completely to God. They took time to pray and to fast even before making a decision about the tent. This is where their faith is being tested. Until finally, there are many signs from God through many things. God sent someone who suddenly encouraged them to continue to strengthen their faith. If they are already made the decision to choose an outdoor wedding, then they should have faith that God will bless them with a good weather. (Check out Feli’s IG for the complete story of their wedding miracle @feliciameliana) Finally, after fasting and praying over the weekend, they decided to not use tent. They believed that if God brought them together until today, He will provide everything their hearts desired. And they just had to do their portion to continue believing in Him 100%.


So, the big day finally arrived with a plenty of sunlight from morning until noon. Everyone were beyond grateful that it did not rain and everything went well. But, it was not until after tea-pai session, the clouds began to darken and it rained heavily up to an hour before the ceremony was about the begin. So they took a moment to pray again and they totally surrendered everything to God’s control. And then, the miracle happened. The rain stopped just in time for the grand entrance. It even gave the cool atmosphere and a nice touch to some of the decor. All praises to God who has made this miracle, proving His love for the happy couple.


I truly admire this couple. And I’m not just saying this because they are my good friends and I am just so honored to be chosen to document the most beautiful day of their lives. But in all honesty, the décor, the atmosphere and all details really described this couple. It’s “so them”! My absolute favorite was the dance session by Feli. It really amazing. What a perfect day it was and I am so happy to have been a part of your special day.


God will bless your marriage!




Donny Wu.


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