Axioo: Robb Susanto
Oct 31, 2016    |   By Robb
Tropical Thrill, Endless Fun
courtesy of Nam & Katie

To survive, human beings essentially need 2 things, food and water. In Bali, rice is the highest symbol or the staple of food, while water is deemed as holy as it is pure. The combination of these essentials is what sustains life to all living things, not just in Bali - but it’s relatively accepted as a universal recognition as well.


Call us greedy or hopeless romantics, but those 2 things are simply not enough. To us, there’s one tiny force of unexplainable matter that makes humans feel alive ; it’s love. 4 little letters that shake the core of our existence, our belief.


As we celebrated the love of Nam & Katie in a wonderfully intimate affair, we’re delightfully reminded by that very sentiment. We witnessed their modern union as they joined hands in a vow exchange that was sweet, pure, and heartfelt. We saw the entire room and the whole process with endless outpour of love from all directions, be it from their family, friends, and the couple themselves.


At the very end, we wished the best of everything in life to Nam & Katie. Just like water, rice, and the love that they share, may you both remain as one - eternally undivided.


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