Mar 14, 2016
Say “Hello” to our Shooting Star
"He always gave his best."

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves of as a company, it’s the people in it. We’re blessed with a lot of talented and creative personalities that want to join our team and we’ve always kept our doors and our hearts open for them anytime they want to join us.


A few years ago, we got an email from a freshly graduated information systems engineer who answered the call for a job opening we posted on our social media. His email was so convincing and heartwarming that we couldn’t wait to meet him. We invited him into our office and we hit it off right away. This guy was kind and ambitious. He looked like he was a fast learner, a go-getter, and hungry for new adventures. We definitely wanted him on the team, but… we hesitated. And it’s not because we didn’t think he’s got the skills for it because we believe that skills can be acquired if you’re willing to learn. We hesitated because we doubted if he’d enjoy being around the rowdy bunch that is our team. But in the end, we decided to give it a shot. And we’re so glad we did, because this guy was about to become our shooting star.


He joined our team as a photo editor. He taught himself - with the help of the team - to edit photos. A few months later, he told us that he’d love to assist the photographers on the job on the weekends, just so he could learn about what it’s like to be a photographer. A few months later, he started picking up the camera and learned to shoot. He is always up for a challenge and he continuously improved himself. He never minded the jobs that other people might think meaningless. He always gave his best. I have learned to never take that kind of talent and dedication for granted and so, when AXIOO Bali opened, we put him under Adi’s wing to polish his skills as a wedding photographer.


It has only been a few short years since we first met him, but there’s simply no concealing the shine that he brings to our company. So, it is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce our shooting star, Donny Wu, to you today. He tells us just how honored he is to be a part of our team, but in fact, we are really the lucky ones to have him. He just makes our team so much better.


Donny is our newest Bali-based wedding photographer and he will be dedicating his talents and creativity to making pre-wedding portraits and shooting wedding on the island. I think you will like his subtle yet artistically expressive style.






PS: Please ask our Sales Team about the welcome package we have for Donny. Send your inquiries to


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