Axioo: Andreas Permadi
Jul 28, 2016    |   By Adi
Pure Minimalistic Romance
courtesy of Aldo & Priska
"I let go, I was grateful whether or not it was raining."

As a wedding photographer, I know exactly how to create a photogenic wedding. I consulted extensively with Adi on his vision of one-of-a-kind wedding. I maximized my advantage of seeing him everyday at our office and kept asking him about the colour scheme, the groom men’s outfit, the shape of the arch, the boutonniere, simply about every details. Because it’s important for me to catch a spark of excitement on my photographer’s eyes as he sees the adventure he’s about to capture.


But what’s the meaning of all those carefully and beautifully planned details when the rain was pouring non-stop for the whole week, accompanied by giant tidal waves that kept on crashing seashores, flooding streets and tourist hot-spots? I remember it well we had to do our rehearsal under the moonshine because that was the only time the sky was dry.


I woke up in the morning of my wedding day, the sun was shining. But it was grey. Then some darker grey clouds approaching us and it started to drizzle. It wasn’t for too long but enough to scatter my mind and my heart. Even so, I knew I shouldn’t let my mind scatter my faith. I convinced myself that these grey clouds meant nothing compared to all the blessings that had been poured onto us all these years, that have lead us to this very day.


I let go, I was grateful whether or not it was raining. When the matrimony started, the weather seemed nice. It wasn’t too hot, neither windy, and surprisingly, it wasn’t wet at all. I kept imagining God was smiling at us and our guests. It was truly a miracle. In the end of the day, we felt extremely grateful to God because he gave us way better than we could ever dreamed of, even in our wildest dreams!






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