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Sep 24, 2017    |   By Adi
Love Conquers The Distance
courtesy of Daniel & Melissa

They say if you’re truly meant to be together, then you’ll find a way to make it happen. This couldn’t be any truer for couple who hosts their wedding out of their hometown. Can you imagine the immense challenge of planning your own wedding from afar? And the confidence of knowing that your guests will make the attendance, despite the party being a plane flight or few away? That’s something that’s applaudable in any way.


There are many reasons why people choose Bali as their wedding destination, and it’s easy to guess that the first one is definitely in credit to its unrivalled beauty. From the sun, water, and even the air tastes sweeter in Bali. Paired with the fact that Bali is dubbed as the island of Gods, it’s only fitting to have a sacred union done before their very eyes.


For Daniel & Melissa, they too are such an example of applaudable couple. Enjoying the party in the company of their bridesmaids and grooms, the couple certainly picked the right island and venue during the most important day of their lives. In addition to that, we can attest to the heart-warming support and love from everyone who attended their party too.


Through the cheers, tears and dances, it was filled with all the right emotions and ambiance. One that was worth all the distance travelled and time spent. So kudos again to all our couples who have hosted a Bali wedding, you’re the true champions and very definition of love is bigger than distance, anytime anywhere.


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